Hey, it's Little Green!

I am a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Sydney, aiming to uplift the human spirit and bring the world closer together through music.

I love playing many instruments, as each one creates a new way for me to express what words cannot. My style has been described as jazz, folk, blues, pop, indie, hippy, earthy, angelic and more. 

My message as an artist is to share a childlike appreciation of the world around me, and I would love for you to join me on this journey... 

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Photo: Mahina Photography

Photo: Mahina Photography

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Photo: Mahina Photography

Photo: Mahina Photography

“There is something undeniably hypnotic about the music of Little Green. Her music is simultaneously grounded  and explorative; it's rooted in folk, but reaches far wider. ” - Happy Mag 2019 

Little Green, otherwise known as Amy Nelson, is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Sydney. Incorporating acoustic guitar loops, vocals, sax and flute into her live show, she has been likened to artists such as Joni Mitchell, Jethro Tull, Tash Sultana, Ricky Lee Jones, and the guy from Anchor Man. 

The artists debut single, Sweet Pain, premiered on The Music, hit number 14 on the Triple J Unearthed pop charts and lead to a sold out single launch show in 2019. Her latest release is a unique blend of acoustic jazz, indie, folk and pop, in an EP titled ‘Raw’, and she is currently travelling around the country working with some of Australia’s best young producers for her highly anticipated next single. 

Stay tuned for the release of her more recent solo works, and collaborations... 

In the mean time, you can check out her debut EP on Spotify, iTunes and more. Just click the Spotify, or YouTube link at the bottom of this page!