Hey, it's Little Green!

I am a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Sydney, aiming to uplift the human spirit and bring the world closer together through music. I love playing many instruments, as each one creates a new way for me to express what words cannot. My style has been described as jazz, folk, blues, pop, indie, hippy, earthy, angelic and more. My message as an artist is to share a childlike appreciation of the world around me. I hope you will join me on this journey... 

What's Next?

I recently teamed up with Diego Seijas, a Spanish producer based in Madrid, to record my first EP. I ventured over there, solo, for what was the best and most challenging two months of my life.

The first single off this EP "Sweet Pain" will be available to listen to on the 28th March 2019! To stay updated about the release, my shows and other news, subscribe to my mailing list, or connect with me on my social media platforms linked below.

Photo: Mahina Photography

Photo: Mahina Photography