In the Studio


Pozuelo del Alarcón…  

I sing acapella inside the studio  

Diego listens for the best sound  

Positioning me, then listening  

Gently moving me again  


He says this is the best way  

To find where the mics go  

By using your ears  

It’s time to test the first mic  

I put my headphones on and sing  

As I sing, I listen  

Is this really my voice?  

Every wavelength is captured  

At the end I look at Diego  

His eyebrows rise  

He says  

I’m not even going to test the other mic  

It’s perfect  

Recording line after line  

Take after take  

I am learning  


Detail is key  

To unlocking the door  

To be musically set free  

We record the first vocal track  

Be sexy, be crazy  

More voltereta  

A joke between us  

No limits or walls  

Embrace whatever sounds come out  

I close my eyes  

Pretend I am a flute  

Or a siren  

Or a trumpet  

Or a machine  

I am given the gift of choice  


I have realised the beauty  

Of expression through voice 

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